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Project Description

Single Line Diagram (Electrical) project help in creating SLD symbols. SLD (Electrical) are used to represent the arrangement of your electrical network. Any project which represent electrical network can utilize these component to show the dynamics of electrical network of power grid/substation. The level of network can be a substation or it can also be a combination of substations or maybe a small town.

Attached image show how these SLDs will look like. There are symbols that are yet to be implemented and they, for now, have code from other symbols.

Following components are the part of the single line diagram (SLD library) -

  • AcGenerator
  • Busbar
  • CapacitorBank
  • CircuitBreaker
  • Connector
  • ElectricalSymbol
  • Extender
  • Feeder
  • Fuse
  • Isolator
  • Jumper
  • LighteningArrestor
  • Meter
  • PotheadTerminal
  • Reactor
  • Switch
  • Transformer
    • TwoWindingTrasformer
    • ThreeWindingTrasformer
    • AutoTrasformer
    • CurrentTrasformer
    • PotentialTrasformer

View of Single Line Diagram...

Single Line Diagram


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